This sea view home is the definition of vision. This is because everyone involved had to be able to see the vision long before the house was a reality. It took two months to quarry enough of the rocks from the plot before building could commence. But once the first brick was laid, the dream steadily took shape.

The owners carefully considered every detail. No expense was spared in order to create a home that was both comfortable and environmentally responsible. The basement is home to water tanks and filters, a photovoltaic solar system, a high pressure hose system, and a high pressure vacuum system. Who wouldn’t want to clean their braai with a vacuum instead of having to cart around ash?

Since the saying goes that the ocean is “just a stone’s throw away”, a member of our team decided to test it out for himself. Standing on the balcony, he effortlessly tossed a pebble right in the Atlantic Ocean. What a memorable project to be a part of.