Before this project could commence, the slate had to be wiped clean first. The existing property had to be demolished. But it made way for something truly spectacular.

Large pieces of rock had to be excavated to in order to install the basement cinema room and, only after this room was in place, did building start on the rest of the house. A three story seaside villa connected by a lift, and a staircase that leads up to the roof… Spectacular views of the dolphins (and whales) that come to play in the waves!

We made use of Rheinzink roofing, a specialist German product imported specifically for the project. The structure is incredibly technical in nature and there was no margin for error in how everything was put together. In addition to the distinctive roofing, off shutter concrete and an impressive amount of stone cladding round out the design of the house. And, speaking of design, the interior of the house could have been a job all by itself. A meticulous interior designer made sure that every inch of the house matched the detailed drawings made during the planning stages. We truly delivered on the client’s every wish.