House Malan

Many times when we take on a new project, we are not blessed with a clean slate to work on. There are often a variety of challenges to deal with; uneven terrain, rocks, too much water in the wrong places, etc. But, perhaps the most challenging of these obstacles, is when we are given an existing house and asked to transform a caterpillar into a brand new butterfly.

Having to work with an existing house presents the team with a number of constraints. The budget is smaller, since the owner has already had to purchase a finished house, instead of an empty plot of land. There is a little less flexibility in the planning process, because things like weight bearing walls and foundations are permanent. And, of course, with an older house there is no knowing what kinds of challenges one will unearth as the project commences.

House Malan was a true “caterpillar”-project… An unimaginative block of a house with no discernible personality or charm. With a lot of planning and out-of-the-box thinking, it turned out to be a “diamond in the rough”, though. The addition of modern features and contemporary finishes resulted in a facelift that left everyone somewhat surprised at how beautifully it all came together.