The plot this beautiful house now stands on was not only empty and waiting for someone with vision to come along. It also had a significant water problem that had to be dealt with before any construction could take place. Therefore, a month was spent installing an underground water drainage system. This system had a dual purpose. It allowed the earth to dry enough in order for construction to commence, but also, the water has been repurposed. The ground water is now pumped straight into a tank, UV filtered and cleaned before used as the water source for the house. That’s right… The same water causing headaches at the start of the project now feeds all the taps in the house.

In addition to operating independently of municipal water infrastructure, the house is powered by solar power. A battery system, charged via the solar panels, was installed in the garage.

The first floor is home to a comfortable living area that opens up onto a heated swimming pool. Taking a look around at rooms like this, we are reminded that the best reward for our hard work is seeing clients enjoying the spaces we helped to create.