Project Management

Project Management Introduction

There are many different elements to building projects, it is imperative these are conducted in the most effective manner and schedule to keep in line with any other elements being implemented on the project. Effective project management is vital to the success of implementation throughout the project

As construction project managers we have a variety of skills and experience in order to navigate your project effectively and to establish strong communication with all areas of the team in order to direct them and produce the build successfully.

Construction projects constantly evolve to accommodate issues that arise on site and have a continuous need for alterations and effective project management is key to the stability of the whole procedure. 

Our role as your construction project manager

As a construction project manager, we are responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting and supervising your project from the beginning to the end. In short, as your construction project manager we take care of the following:

  • Calculate the budget and negotiate cost estimates
  • Arrange the work timetables
  • Choose the most efficient construction method and strategies
  • Stay in touch with the clients for work or budget-related issues
  • Discuss technical and contract details with workers and other professional parties
  • Keep an eye on the personnel in construction onsite
  • Cooperate with building and construction specialists to ensure accuracy and percision. 

Project management processes

In general, every project has a standard life cycle, regardless of its special characteristics. This structure could be outlined in four basic stages:

Project initiation > Planning phase > Execution phase > Closing phase (closure)

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